The image The Nativity is part of an ongoing series of modern interpretations of Biblical stories, events, and sacred legends.  

Throughout history thousands of artists have attempted to recreate the birth of Christ in many different media. Portraying the moment the world received the greatest gift humanity has ever known is by no means an easy task. For me the most challenging obstacle visually in such an undertaking lies in the balance of Christ's humble beginnings and the grandeur of this transcendent moment. With respect to traditional interpretations as well as their symbolism and close inspection of scripture, this modern depiction attempts to recreate this moment as if it occurred in our time. In meditation of the scripture and the current state of the world, I believe that although the imagery may be updated, the meaning of every aspect of the story remains the same. The same struggles of man still apply and the solution to our downfall remains the same and readily available to all who wish to receive it. The shepherds still hold witness, the wise men still present gifts, and Christ has still come to save us from ourselves. Close inspection of the image will continue to reveal symbolism and purpose. There is no element in the scene that has not been heavily considered. For example the placement of Christ is central in location above the two pillars. Upon close inspection you will find the ten commandments inscribed on the pillars, establishing the fact that Christ brings a new understanding to the law, fulfilling their meaning. The placement of Joseph separated from Mary comments on her purity and Virgin birth. But perhaps the most intriguing is the expression and body language of this Blessed Mother. Attempting to show her as a mother first, somewhat at odds with the viewer. She is portrayed as extremely guarded, almost pulling Jesus away, as if she knows the fate of her beloved Son in a world that cannot fully accept him. Despite her sadness she shows her perfect understanding and submits to the will of God fulfilling her role in salvation and bringing forth the light of the world.
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