The image, Faith, was created as part of a series on modern interpretations of biblical events.  Faith is based on the account of the gospel that appears in Matthew:14, describing the miracle of Christ walking on water.

In this account, Peter steps out of the boat and takes several steps toward Christ.  A heavy wind blows.  Peter loses faith and starts to sink.  Christ saves him and says, “Oh thou of little faith”.  Faith takes the account to contemporary times. The artist fears the entire world has lost faith. The buildings, bridge, and drowning victims are all symbolic of society as a whole, and their collective lack of faith in modern times.

In one example, the young woman in the foreground does not care to recognize that she is drowning; she has lost faith, and therefore hope and would blindly succumb rather than fight for salvation.

In scripture, Christ called Peter “the rock on which He would build his church.”  This is represented through the imagery of the tree growing from the rock.  The infant is symbolic of the original innocence of man and the journey from birth to death.  The serpent, always hidden- yet always infiltrating, even in the most unpolluted soul, creates the potential for sin.  The disintegrating tropical island depicts the paradise we were given turned into the product of our neglect.

Faith is the artist’s plea for each individual to hold onto their faith despite the continual threat of heavy winds.
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