The image Doubting Thomas is part of a series of modern interpretations of biblical stories or events. In John 20:24 Thomas says, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it." Like Thomas, many in current times are stubborn and require proof or a miracle before embracing their Faith.  

In my portrayal, the story takes a modern twist. Thomas is a young boy in a Christian home. We see that Thomas' parents have made an outward display of faith by placing a crucifix on the wall.  But is this enough to solidify a boy’s belief in something he can never fully understand? In the image, in this epiphianic moment, Thomas sees Christ on his television and experiences a profound belief in him.  The vibrant image of Jesus and his wounds flash before him in stunning detail. Thomas has finally seen what he believes to be the true presence of Christ. This may sound sad but make no mistake, Thomas is driven. Historically in many doubting interpretations Christ is seen pulling Thomas' hand into the wound in his side. However in this representation we see that Thomas must take responsibility for his own Faith and guide his own hand.

This work inspires many questions. In our technologically advanced society, where proof and answers are supposedly just a Google search away, who and what are really teaching society where to invest our hearts and souls? Is it good for us to instantly be able to satisfy ourselves with immediate unreliable proof? Has Faith now been replaced with false intelligence?

In further meditation of the scripture, the home takes on an alternate form. The doorway is meant to give the viewer the feeling of the opening of the tomb. It additionally expresses Thomas' great flaw. The right side is very rigid and mathematically sound, much like the way Thomas's mind perceives the world; it is very black and white and not out of the norm. The left side however shows a more surreal shape and symbolizes the fact that all things bend for Christ. For him there are no limits. Further inspection reveals that our surroundings are just a facade and poses the question, have we ever really left the tomb?  Are we really showing faith in the Resurrection? Truly, "Blessed are those who did not see and yet believed- 20:29 John".
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