My wife and I were on a photo adventure on the desert side of the island of Aruba. While exploring old ruins and natural pools we came across a strange site. Thousands upon thousands of carefully stacked stones for miles as far as the eye could see. It was a breathtaking site to behold. How did these tiny structures come to be? After questioning a local guide about these strange rock formations, we soon realized that they were created by travelers who stack the stones and make wishes that often come true. Some, he said believe they are fertility stones and when they are stacked with your partner a wish is made for a baby to be born. With the opportunity in front of us we decided to play along and to our great joy months later our son Isaac was born.  In thinking of this happy moment I thought it would only be appropriate to create an image that would preserve the magic of that moment and build upon this idea for my son to enjoy.  In the image, The Wise Ones, I tried to evoke the feeling that the stones held great power, almost alive with wisdom or the knowledge of things to come. The beauty of the stars and sea cradling them in a salty breeze, all the while the jellyfish, like messengers rub up against the stones, receive the wishes and carry them to heaven.  Well, that’s the way I saw it.
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